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Dry eye signs and symptoms can vary from person to person. Redness, watering, itching, and blurred vision are just a few symptoms some patients notice. There are also various reasons why someone develops dry eye. Maybe they don’t produce enough tears or maybe the oil glands that keep the tears on the eyes are not working as well. Here at Arkansas Eye Site, we have the latest technology to help find the underlying issue behind dry eye. This is completely customized to each patient. With the Oculus K5, a series of tests are performed on the patient which include tear film evaluation, meibomian gland evaluation, and tear break up time, along with others. After the evaluation, a report is created that tells the doctors exactly what is wrong and will suggest a regimen to help.

Be mindful, dry eye disease is not curable, but it is maintainable as long as the patient is compliant. We want you to have the best vision possible with the most comfort possible. So if any of this sounds like something you may be experiencing, please contact our Jonesboro location to set up a dry eye evaluation.